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Heavenly Beat - "Faithless"

Heavenly Beat is the new side project from Beach Fossils bassist John Peña. Over the past couple of months, Peña has so far released two singles from his upcoming debut LP that is planned for a release sometime next year.

"Faithless", Peña's newest release, is a chill-out, tropical-influenced track that is very relaxing to the ears. The song opens with a poppy guitar riff playing along with the sound of hands clapping. Peña's vocals then make a very soft entrance, and the song takes off from there. Another 7" will be out on December 6 from Peña's project via Captured Tracks. Listen to "Faithless," as well as his earlier releases, "Desire" and "Sunday," below.

Heavenly Beat - Faithless
[soundcloud url="http://soundcloud.com/creepingwave/heavenly-beat-faithless"]

Download: Heavenly Beat - Desire

      Heavenly Beat - Suday
Download: Heavenly Beat - Suday



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