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Willie The Kid - "Waste Not. Want Not." [Prod. by Alchemist]

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While Willie The Kid, younger brother of longtime Wu affiliate La The Darkman is prepping his upcoming album The Cure 2, he offers "Waste Not. Want Not." as an appetizer in the meantime. Willie's steady flow and wordplay are certainly something of note here:

I made a few adjustments
My aim is substance
Disgusting, palestine minded
Israeli rifle
Scraping road kill off the Benz grill
See one thing you can't do is pretend real
Remove the fangs from a serpent, he could still kill

Just as attention demanding as the lyrics is the production by Alchemist, who has always been consistant. Surprisingly, I don't often hear him come up in conversation when on the subject of producers in hip-hop circles. Alchemist could very well be to hip-hop what Mitch Richmond was to the NBA in the mid 90's - underrated. However, on this particular track both artist help paint a portrait of anticipation; the climactic scene before the shoot out. With its crawling funky vibe, this particular scene happens to take place in a blaxploitation film. Make sure to look out for The Cure 2.

Keep Listening.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/28127772"]Willie The Kid & Alchemist - Waste Not. Want Not.




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9 years ago

"Israeli rifle" 

Jahn P
9 years ago
Reply to  Jakubdavoy

Appreciated man.. That was the only verse, where I couldn't make out what he was saying