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#MashupMonday - Week 39

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Mashup Monday - We're back again with some mashes that will get your week started right. Giving you the freshest, dopest, sickest, smoothest, (every other superlative you can think of) mashups to start your week off with a bang. These are the mashes that are worth hearing, so stop your searching and instead get to listening. Mashup Monday on EARMILK is for the best stuff around, so settle down at your computer... turn up your speakers... and get ready for that sweet nectar that only EARMILK can give ya. Let's GO.

Variety - you ask, and you shall receive. No, this doesn't mean the end of all the electro/dance/club mashes that I am so fond of. It does however mean that I take to heart everyone's suggestion. It may take some time for me to find mashers that consistently put out more chill/different style mashes than just the normal electro ones. However, I am committed to the music, and I'm committed to giving you guys great tracks for your music libraries.

And now that I got that little speech out of the way, how about that music? Getting started with a Lily Allen and Mumford & Sons mash named "Lily Lion Man" - talk about variety - by Kings Of Content. I couldn't tell you much about the artist(s), but I stumbled upon this track randomly a long time ago and I loved the combination of both Lily and Mumford. Other tracks that vary from the normal electro/dance style mashes are Wick-It The Instigator's "Nineties FTW" - nothing but the 90s classics, along with 2 mashups that utilize the same instrumental. Vico Ono and DJ Fergie Ferg have both mashed Kavinsky's "Nightcall" track, but old school and new school rap respectively. Vico chooses Biggie, while Fergie Ferg goes with Gambino. I've asked a couple of people which one they prefer but with no clear winner, I ask you guys - the Earmilk audience.

For those fearing that I had done away with the mashup style that has graced Earmilk's Mashup Monday these past couple of weeks, then you'd be mistaken. These tracks, coming from DJ i6, The White Panda, DOSVEC, and DJ Massakerrare sure to get that party jumping, bumping, pumping, and crumping. Ok, I'm not so sure about that last one but I got caught up in the music, so forgive me. And making it just in time (thankfully I re-checked my Soundcloud) is Kap Slap's brand new 3 song EP. The EP includes one brand new single along with 2 edits of older tracks, but all 3 hit hard. My Monday just got exponentially better, and hopefully yours does too with this week's Mashup Monday. Enjoy and follow me on twitter - @ItsGutz - and send me your, or any, track that you'd like me to check out.

      Kings of Content - Lily Lion Man
Download:Kings Of Content - Lily Lion Man

      DJ 21azy - Burn Till Im Gone
Download: DJ 21azy - Burn Till I'm Gone [Childish Gambino vs. Wiz Khalifa]

      DJ i6 - We Are The 99
Download: DJ i6 - We Are The 99

      Vico Ono - Nightcalling Big Poppa
Download:Vico Ono - Nightcalling Big Poppa (Kavinsky vs. Biggie Smalls)

      DOSVEC - Feeling Good
Download: DOSVEC- Feeling Good

      The White Panda - G.O.O.D.G.I.R.L.S.
Download: The White Panda - G.O.O.D.G.I.R.L.S.

      DJ Massakerr - Gimmie Dat Sexy Cobra
Download: DJ Massakerr - Gimmie Dat Sexy Cobra (DJ MASSAKERR MASHUP)

      RSC - Rockin A Sweat
Download: Ridgewood Social Club - Rockin' A Sweat

      DJ Fergie Ferg - Nightfire
Download: DJ Fergie Ferg - Nightfire (Childish Gambino x Kavinsky)

      Xaphoon Jones - Marvin%20%20Chardonnay
Download: Big Sean (Ft. Kanye West) - Marvin & Chardonnay (Xaphoon Jones Remix)

      01 Kaskade Found Love (Rihanna x Nero x Chrizz Luvly)
Download: Kap Slap - Kaskade Found Love (Rihanna x Nero x Chrizz Luvly)

      02 Strobe Lights Say My Name (Porter Robinson Edit) 1
Download: Kap Slap - Strobe Lights Say My Name (Porter Robinson Edit)

      03 Paper Towels in Motion (Skrillex Edit)
Download: Kap Slap - Paper Towels in Motion (Skrillex Edit)

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9 years ago

Best mashup in a while. I literally downloaded all but a few at the beginning. Props. Youre awesome buddy, keep it up.. Ive been with ya for a year now, and youre still improving and bringing us some awesome shit