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Double Dip - 55 - Kodak to Graph

Kodak to Graph, the solo project of Floridian producer Michael Maleki, has just released his new album off of free-download label Bad Panda. The new album, which will be his third release, is rather exceptional; soulful vocals buttered ever so carefully over a haunting reverb really instills a euphoric feeling over the listener. Kodak taking time to sample from an array of classics including Jackson Five's sex ballad "I Keep Holding on" and the Bollywood influenced "Zagroz".

The new release, which just came out three days ago entitled "Visio'l" is dripping of good vibrations and is a great addition to any fall playlist, so don't be shy and head on over to Bad Panda and grab yourself a free copy here.

For some tasty incentive catch a couple great tracks below including "I Keep Holding On" from Kodak's soundcloud:

Download: Kodak To Graph - Nave

Download: Kodak To Graph - Express / Cause

Kodak to Graph - I Keep Holding On

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