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Allen Stone's Soulful Performance on Conan

"Good God! That was phenomenal!" Conan said yesterday night about his guest, soul crooner Allen Stone, after paying a visit to perform "Unaware" off his newest self-titled album. I personally don't think Conan was prepared for the unequivocal, smooth-as-milk performance he was about to experience.

Allen Stone - "Unaware", Live on Conan

Stone's album was released earlier this month and perched nicely atop iTunes' R&B Top Charts during it's first week of release. The performance above makes it obvious to see why his album might be so well received.

I still stand behind my claim that the best way to experience Stone and his band is to see him live. Every single musician in his band is incredibly talented and contributes undeniably to his sound. Canada, he's coming your way, so catch him while you can.

If you haven't purchased his album, do your life a major favor and find it on iTunes for a whopping $5.99. Skeptics can stream it first, off Root Music Player.

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