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Introducing: Vyxor

As bizarre as how it's spelt, Vyxor is a solo project from Tyler Burton. Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Tyler blends everything from house and new wave to noise rock and dubstep. His newest compostion, Nocturne Feveron, is a wild mix that can potentially cause your body to physically spazz-out.  The album will be self-released next month and it includes a remix for Nazcarnation's "Beautiful Brodown". Give Vyxor a listen or two.

      Vyxor - Nocturne Feveron - 04 Nocturne Feveron
Download: Vyxor - Nocturne Feveron

      Vyxor - Nocturne Feveron - 03 SSSSoftware
Download: Vyxor - SSSSoftware   


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Electronic · Electronica · Glitch-Hop · Indie


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