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Hal Incandenza - Little Mountains

The technical mastermind of Henry Saiz exhibited itself again earlier this month in the form of a single released via his Natura Sonoris label. "Little Mountains," which has been available since October 3 as a part of the Balance 019 singles series, was released under Saiz alternate alias as Hal Incandenza.

Saiz proves again here that his skill in dominating every aspect of electronic groove-building he tries his hand at relies little on any particular BPM. The slower funk-line of "Little Mountains" is carried by the melodic pitching of vocal samples that sound as though they are echoing "Freedom!" throughout the song--inducing disco-responsive serotonin receptors in the brain to fire with each build and deconstruction. Saiz crafts every track with extreme detail and purpose, and "Little Mountains" is no different--each sound in the track compliments all the others, never cluttering the mix or feeling rushed. The light piano harmonics and disco-inspired percussion are enough to move the most stagnant of souls into a groove that is undeniably 'Saiz.' "Little Mountains" is indeed a contender for track of the year in 2011--make sure you check this one out.

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