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Babasonicos - "Muñeco de Haity (Mawashi remix)"

Some of my favourite electro pop artists are back at it again with another amazing remix. These guys literally spit fire, it's mind blowing how this duo from Chili is coming out with massive tunes comparable to almost anyone out there today. I'm loving their new remix of Babasonicos' original "Muñeco de Haity." To be completely honest, never even heard of the original. Do I need to though? Probably not, when Mawashi can provide us with a amazing electro pop remix of the original. I wonder if they've ever tried Hola Dancing? Hmm...

Babasonicos - Muñeco de Haity (Mawashi remix)

I love these guys because they're giving me a different look at the electro world from a whole different country. Amazing talent over there. Keep it up. Make sure you start to follow



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