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Blackstar - "Fix Up" [Live]

The incomparable hip-hop duo Blackstar returns with "Fix Up", a ballad blessed by the almighty beat konductor Madlib. The song premiered on the acclaimed satirical talk show The Colbert Report earlier this month.

As always, Mos and Kweli enchant the track like verbal wizards. Although unsurprisingly summoning the skills of the elusive Madlib, his production is and has been a solid fit for the two. It's always interesting to see these two veteran emcees go back and forth lyrically. Their longtime friendship and rapport shines, bringing to mind Bill Cosby and Sidney Portier or Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. It beckons the question, "Did they even rehearse for this performance?" Probably not...and that's cool. Hopefully this track comes as harbinger to a possible "MAD-STAR" or "BLACK-LIB" album.

Blackstar - Fix Up

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