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Brenton Duvall - Phone Rings Goodbye (Long Edit)

How do I even begin to describe this mashup? Relaxing? Chill? Stress-free? All of the above? While I'm not a massive fan of chill mashups - I prefer fast-paced upbeat party style mashes - I just had to throw this track up. Reason? Because it's damn good. Brenton Duvall gives us "Phone Rings Goodbye" and I'm captivated. Vocally, Mike Posner's "Save Your Goodbye" is a perfect fit with Jon Brion's "Phone Call." While I may be a couple days late on this one, a track like this one is good forever.

      Brenton Duvall - Phone Rings Goodbye (Long Edit)
Download: Brenton Duvall - Phone Rings Goodbye (Long Edit)

Chillout · Mash Up


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