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King Tuff - Was Dead [Album]

Did you get that, King Tuff Was Dead? I thought it was pretty humorous.  Anyway, King Tuff is a band from southern Vermont. Their sounds would appeal to listeners of Ty Segall, Dead Ghosts, Pomegranates, and a less messy Wavves.

In the family of lo-fi rock n roll, Was Dead is an album that's effortlessly fun. I saw these guys last winter when they played with Frankie Rose and Nude Beach at the Knitting Factory. Not knowing anything about King Tuff, they were a good surprise. Their narrative stories and fuzzy instruments delivered a contagious wave of head nods.

Unfortunately, Was Dead is an album from 2008. Since King Tuff is dead again, we'll just wait for another rebirth. Listen to my hand picked songs or get all of it here.

      04 Lazerbeam
Download: King Tuff - Lazerbeam

      11 Animal
Download: King Tuff - Animal

      08 Just Strut
Download: King Tuff - Just Strut

      03 Sun Medallion
Download: King Tuff - Sun Medallion


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