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LA Riots Exclusive Interview

Photos by PremierLife.ca

I managed to grab a few moments the other night at Tent Party with Daniel Riots from the electro/house sensation LA Riots. Before a great show we managed to talk about new music, partying, different genres, kids tweaking out, and most importantly; what percent of milk he drinks. [This is Ear-milk after all.]

EARMILK:  So first off, what genre of music do you think your sound is?

LA RIOTS:  Thats a hard question. I would have to say Electro House if anything.

So you guys have been on the scene for quite some time, but who would you say is some of your biggest influences right now?

I don't even know, so many people. I'm influenced by so many sounds and people. Sweedish House Mafia just off the top of my head. 

Are you currently working on anything new right now?

Well our remix of Sexy and I Know It just came out and LA Riots has 3 new originals coming out soon that were excited to share. 

What's the best show you've ever played?

So many, let's think. Puerto EDC, San Diego Voyuer, I Love Techno Beligum 2008-2009.

Do you like being on Tour?

I love it, touring is so much fun. One of my favourite things to do. When I'm at home I often just get bored and find myself doing nothing for days on end. 

What is the most fucked thing you've ever seen on Tour?

The most fucked thing I've ever seen is probably kids just over dosing on drugs. I remember this one kid that was tweaking out insanely. I thought he was going to die, if he didn't die he came damn close. 

How big is your Ipod?

32g? 16g? I don't even know. 

What percent of milk do you usually prefer?

2% usually. But right now I guess I'm getting skim milk with my coffee so hey!

 How do you feel about artist with huge stage setups and light shows?

I think that performing live is moving away from the DJ and the music and is turning more into gimmicks for the artist on stage. It's almost turning into if you can have an insane light show with Godzilla fucking King Kong on your stage you don't even need to have good music anymore.  I think people need to focus more on the actual music and the DJ performing. 

Check out some tunes by LA Riots while your at it

      Miserable Girl (LA Riots Simple Edit)
Download: Soulwax - Miserable Girl (LA Riots Simple Edit)

      Sine Language (LA Riots Remix)
Download: Crystal Method - Sine Language (LA Riots Remix)

      Crimewave (LA Riots Remix)
Download: Crystal Castles - Crimewave (LA Riots Remix)

Want to hear more from LA Riots? Check them out here

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