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Korea In The Space

One of the cool things about space is how everything is floating all over the place. There is no gravity and you're simply weighed down by nothing, nothing at all. Now picture yourself in space with different genres of music floating all around you and no restrictions to what you can do with it. This bazaar vision is what Korea In The Space is all about.

Korea In The Space are 3 college students who got their name through a misheard lyric in a Quasimoto song. They've been friends since high school and their music productions can prove how eccentric each member is. As mentioned earlier with space, this band literally throws a little hip hop, classical, shoegaze, electronic, chill-wave and rock into their universe of samples and what not. These genres are scattered throughout every track and each has the same crunchy sounds of a vinyl or some might consider,"lo-fi-ness."

"Hi" is a song that best describes the obscurity of Korea In The Space. It is also the single off of Second Hand. The album comes out on October 25th but here are some teasers.

Download: Korea in the Space - Hi

      Velvet Hands
Download: Korea in the Space - Velvet Hands

      01 Blued Out
Download: Korea in the Space - Blued Out

      05 Itll Work Out
Download: Korea in the Space - It'll Work Out

Check out their Bandcamp!


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The B
The B
9 years ago

Great job!