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Size Matters Tent Party [Night 1]

First night of Tent Party starts off rocking me out of the parking lot. The explosion of dutch house and electro was insane. The energy in the crowd was overwhelming. The whole time was unbelievable. I'm currently counting down the hours tell tonights going to start I'm that excited. If you found your way there last night you are aware of the bangers that rocked everyone off their feet. 


      02 Pov (Steve Angello Remix)
Download: Kim Fai - Pov (Steve Angello Remix)

Photos by: PremierLife.ca

The night was opened by Cosella, Conway, Giddy, and Mark Mendes performing huge tracks that kept the crowd coming in something to wait around and dance for. Junior Sanchez was next to perform and his performance was stellar. All opening acts were able to keep the crowds energy high as ever throughout the night. 

Photos by: PremierLife.ca

      03 This Picture (Junior Sanchez Remix)
Download: Placebo - This Picture (Junior Sanchez Remix)

When Steve Angello came out there was a explosion of cheers as he instantly started to pump beats through the speakers raised above echoing massive waves of energy throughout the crowd. My own mind was in a twirl as from start to finish he played massive tracks mixed with his own personal spins on some. One of the most exciting moments of the night was a remix of We Are Your Friends by Justice which had the crowds heart aswell as my own melting as I was put into a daze screaming the words. Some of the transitions of vocals mixed with the crowd signing could have beens smoother. But this was quickly recovered by the massive light shows and the confetti exploding over the crowd for some of the biggest bangers throughout the night.  (Just look below.)

Download: Steve Angello - Monday 

Photos by: PremierLife.ca

Download: Steve Angello - Knas

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Editors Note: My iPod broke this morning, I don't know why but it is a sad day for me. It's currently in rice right now so I wanted everyone that reads this to cross their fingers and pray that in 2 weeks time when I check up on it that it still works.
And Thanks to Justin from tech support who helped when I called asking about how to fix it, who follows earmilk daily. What a small world. 
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Neeraj Grover
9 years ago

Steve Angello Killed It !

9 years ago

Monday track hardly look like to star guitare of Chemical brother

check that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S43IwBF0uM