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Damu - Ridin' EP

Big sounds trench out of a little hole in Manchester. He calls himself Damu and his technicolor garage chops have already stapled a style to his name. Call it phuture house or crunk dubstep who cares, each track is a collage of zip zaps bundled in oohs and ahhs and sweeping arpeggiators. His latest EP out on Keysound Recordings has more think than the 100s of shitty mashups laying in my inbox combined. LP quality from head to toe, each track portals into the neon hyperbole that is the mind of Damu. A shining star amidst this space is the track Ridin', which I wouldn't be surprised to see dubbed on a massively overhyped collaboration album by the thrones of hip-hop. Garage's I Can't Stop.

      01 Ridin
Download: Damu - Ridin'

(LDN024) Keysound - Damu Ridin' EP



      02 Crystal Gaea
Stream: Damu - Crystal Gaea

      03 Be Free
Stream: Damu - Be Free

Peep the B-sides and if you feel like investing in organic gold grab the 12" on Boomkat. Check out his past EPs especially  Mermaid and Gargoyle which features remixes by fellow square pushers Jack Dixon and Nguzunguzu. A cat definitely worth a follow as he delves further into his own electronic psychedelia. Expect support from the likes of Night Slugs and many forward thinking artists.

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