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Kenton Dunson - "Firestarter" (Feat. Ryan Kellie) [VIDEO]

Kenton Dunson has released a series of hits this year which all stem from his Creative Destruction 2 album; released earlier this year. His exposure, on this site, all started with the "Rolling in the Deep" remix he released and from there; he's shown exponential growth in skill and production value. And now, this Maryland-based musician, rapper/singer, and L.A.-based independent production house, Pheonix Is Burning, present Kenton Dunson's debut music video "Firestarter", directed by William J. Bastian II. The video was shot in Venice Beach, California and tells the story of two lovers as they deal with the emotional roller coaster ride that comes with true love. Eventually the scenes in this video will be made into a short film but for now check out the current visuals. Enjoy.

[soundcloud url="http://soundcloud.com/kentondunson/firestarter-feat-ryan-kellie"]


      Kenton Dunson Remix
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