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Jacques Greene - What U R

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Slapping my wrist for not breaking this earlier. Montreal's electric valentine Jacques Greene released an EP last month that's too lovesick to make it off the white label. 3 tracks of soft garage house spooning with creamy R&B vocals - it's fleshy, sensual, and arousing. You'll spot Kelly Rowland on the lullaby titled Motivation, which leads me to believe he couldn't clear her voice. But that doesn't stop this heartthrob from putting out one of the most passionate independent records to date. As you listen to the eclectic sounds of a neon Romeo on sampler the sentiment soothes, while Jacques catharsis takes you by the hand and touches the deep holes of your self - body and soul.

      03 Motivation
Stream: Jacques Greene - Motivation

      01 What U R
Download: Jacques Greene - What U R


Watch the video teaser so you can peep all three tracks and get wet on steamy Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct. You can only pick this one up on limited 10", so if you're into vinyl consider this your new staple. And of course, follow the links below because at age 20 - Jacques is just getting started.

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