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WU LYF - "Go Tell Fire (Reprise)"

With the release of  WU LYF (World United Lucifer Youth Foundation)'s critically acclaimed debut LP, Go Tell Fire To The Mountain, earlier this year, the Manchester, England band has made a name for itself for being one of the most surprising new acts of 2011.

Even though WU LYF just released their 10-track album, the band recently brought to light a new song from the final album.

Titled "Go Tell Fire (reprise)", the song was originally the intended closer for Go Tell Fire To The Mountain.  "...we couldn't figure it right...," wrote the band on their website.

"Go Tell Fire (reprise)" is currently streaming on WU LYF's homepage. Stream it here and watch the music video for "Dirt" below.

WU LYF - "Dirt"



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