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Azad Right - Spiderwebs [Video]

Usually when I get submissions, I listen to the songs with an open mind. Often I'm disappointed because I feel the potential that a lot of people hold is wasted on either one of two things: lack of professionalism, or a closed mind as to how "their brand" of music could be created. Such was not the case when I heard from Azad Right, hip-hop artist originally from Venice. His video for "Spiderwebs" blew me away and made me wonder why he wasn't on the forefront of hip-hop at the moment. His style is as cookie cutter as some of the other hip-hop I enjoy. That probably ends my monologue, I present the infamous "Spiderwebs" video as well as a few other tracks you might enjoy.

Azad Right - Spiderwebs

Download: Azad Right - Spiderwebs

Check out Azad Right on Twitter at @AzadRight

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