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Yogi – Follow You (Feat. Ayah Marar)[VIDEO]

One of my two favourite UK lady singers at the minute. Everything is tight and right, looking set to blow up in a timely fashion for Ayah Marar. We featured this track a while back, which got a lot of love and thankfully now it is getting an official release!

I briefly and very cunningly stalked and eventually, casually and completely unplanned, met this most lovely of ladies and know for a fact she appreciates all the support so another big cheers on her behalf. 

Check the video below, complete with abs definition and Ayah's trademark moves that only she has that certain something to pull off.  The track gets an official release September 25th. Pre-order from here.

Yogi feat. Ayah Marar – Follow You

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  • Beautiful girl, beautiful dub track!

    Avatar Stevie September 16, 2011 2:21 PM Reply

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