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Mayer Hawthorne - "The Walk" [NEW SINGLE]

Mayer Monday, as it's called in the Twitterverse, celebrated the start of this week with a new single from the old-soul vocalist, Mayer Hawthorne. With his newest album, How Do You Do scheduled for release on October 11th and an upcoming tour across the country, this single is already inciting major anticipation.

Ingeniously capturing both the pain and the pleasure of falling in and out of love, "The Walk" sounds absolutely rosy and good-natured if not for the subtly spiked lyrics: "From the moment that I met you/I thought you were fine, so fine/But your shady fucking attitude is got me changing my mind." Hawthorne croons with such incredible sweetness you may not even notice he's cussing out his ex-factor. Stream the track from his site here.

Purchase: Mayer Hawthorne - The Walk

Hawthorne territory:

60's · 70's


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