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The Weeknd - Thursday (Heartbreak remixes)

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Just in case you've achieved the difficult task of overlistening to The Weeknd's Thursday, here's a remix album from Heartbreak that gives all but two tracks from the original album a new twist. Below are three of his remixes, you can download the rest from Mad Decent for free.

Sometimes, when I love an album, I'd prefer for it to be left alone -- why remix perfection? But The Weeknd is an exception to this rule. I find that many of his tracks remix really nicely, especially when the remixer keeps subtlety in mind. I'd try to describe genres, but it seems Heartbreak already has that covered: "On this album you hear dancehall/reggae/reggaton/hip hop/rock/juke/deep house and of course moombahton. I took all the genres I produced and rolled them into this album." So yeah, basically everything.

      thursday heartbreak remix
Download: The Weeknd - Thursday (Heartbreak remix)

      rolling stone heartbreak remix
Download: The Weeknd - Rolling Stone (Heartbreak remix)

      gone heartbreak remix
Download: The Weeknd - Gone (Heartbreak remix)

Give these a listen if you'd like a fresh take on Thursday! What do you think about remixing tracks that are already great or classic? Is it better to leave well enough alone, or is it fun to see them in a new light?

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Hip-Hop · Moombahton


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9 years ago

Why is Thursday getting all kinds of remixes but nothing came off of HoB? Or did I just miss all those?