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Non-Fat Urban Soundtrack [Episode 10]

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Time for another episode of the Non-Fat Urban Soundtrack series, which is mixed and hosted by DJ Steve Martin. He is currently in LA where he already brings a weekly mix to the ears of all the LA listeners through his radio show. The radio show is called "My Side of the City" which you can hear Saturdays on KPFK from Midnight til 2 AM in LA or you can check out the mix online.

Like past incarnations of Non-Fat Urban Soundtrack, this is a mix to get you through a day in the city. Whether you're a white collar businessman riding the bus to work or a blue collar thug doing whatever you have to do to make shit happen, this mix can be your background music. You can blast it at your rooftop party or play it while you cook dinner. Whatever you do, you're going to feel like a baller. From rap classics like E-40 and The Notorious B.I.G. to glitchy sounds from Mochipet and Machinedrum, you won't miss a beat. This is a diverse collection of music but as usual, it's all working together. If this mix is any indication, it would appear that we can all just get along.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/21967167"]


Big Pauper - The Stale Breath of 1000 Lucrative Club Bangers - Beyond My Means - Circle Into Square
Mochipet - It Ain't Trickin If Ya Got It - Master P On Atari - Daly City
M.I.A - It Takes Muscle - Maya - XL
Chrissy Muderbot - Thighs - Thighs Remixed - Sleazetone
E-40 - Mack Minister - The Hall Of Game - Jive
Jimmy Edgar - Sheer, Make, Serve - Bounce, Make, Model - Warp
Otto Von Schirach - Sasquatch - Escalo Frio - Schematic
Amon Tobin - Goto 10 - Isam - Ninja Tune
Machinedrum - Listen 2 Me - Sacred Frequency EP - Planet Mu
Distal - Android Tourism (ldfd rmx) - Android Tourism - FoF
Ruby Suns - Palmitos Park (ruby suns version) - Palmitos Park - Young Turks
Ghetto Mafia - In Decatur - On Da Grind - Fully Loaded
The Notorious B.I.G. - Spit Your Game - Biggie Duets - Bad Boy
DJ Seep - Young Guns - Cookie Rumble - Rolax
Preacher Boy
Joe - Twice - Hessle Audio 116 & Rising - Hessle Audio
Mitch Murder - Quantum State - Elevator Music - S/R
Osborne - Wait a Minute - Ghostly Swim - Ghostly Int/Adult Swim
High Fidelity - Top 5's

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