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Live Pomegranates!

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On a dull Wednesday evening, Pomegranates played a lively show at The Knitting Factory with Extra Arms and Figurines. The Knitting Factory is an all ages music venue, located off of Metropolitan in Williamsburg. That said, the place naturally attracts all the hip-cats from Brooklyn with their indie feature performances.

While my main focus was on Pomegranates, the frontman from Extra Arms had extreme guitar picking skills. At around 10, Pomegranates came on and immediately urged the crowd to get closer to the stage. That command from Joey instantly loosened everyone's stiff vibes, creating a more pacifying atmosphere. Throughout the set, all four members stayed positively animated while making rock music with their own eccentric pop sounds.

At every other act, there was a wonderful exchange of Joey's endearing punk vocals and Isaac's airy falsetto. Joey also kept interacting with Josh on the bass as Jacob drummed enthusiastically. You know it's a good performance when the band members are just as into it. They dedicated a few songs to people in the crowd like Laura and Mike from Laura Stevenson And The Cans. Towards the end, Isaac shared an act that he dreamt Jesus played at a KISS concert. I forgot the title of that track but it will be on their newest album, later this year.

Jacob convinced me to stay for Figurines but I had to take my very ill friend who just turned 21 that evening, all the back to Queens. Although only one song was heard, I was impressed with this Denmark band.

Pomegranates are still on tour and I suggest going to see them at your local venue. Tumblr, Facebook or Tweet them.

If you haven't heard any of their music, below are some of my favorites from their past albums.

      01 Everybody Come Outside
Download:Pomegranates - Everybody, Come Outside!

      09 The Positive Light
Download:Pomegranates - The Positive Light

Download: Pomegranates - Prouncer

They also just had a double EP release with their friend Caleb Groh, "In Your Face Thieves" and "Chestnut Attic". Click on my links for more!


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