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Monarchy - Maybe I'm Crazy (Azari & III Remix)

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Stop it, Azari & III. Just stop it. You're making everyone else look bad. Not everyone can turn everything they touch into instant gold, but yet again, Azari & III have crafted an awesome track that everyone can enjoy. This remix of Monarchy's "Maybe I'm Crazy" is a pleasure to listen to, keeping it dark without falling into the realm of the cumbersome (which is kind of becoming a theme in the things I like; it's often boring to be too lightweight and inoffensive, but it's also a bit taxing to listen to really dark music all the time, is this a first world problem?). If you haven't checked out Azari & III yet, you're seriously missing out (their album is an absolute gem).

Download: Monarchy - Maybe I'm Crazy (Azari & III Remix)



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