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Murs & Tabi Bonney - "Hip Hop & Love"

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LA, once again, met DC when Murs and Tabi Bonney, dropped a fresh new track this week; "Hip Hop & Love" produced by Ski Beatz. Murs and tabi have performed shows together before and decided to record this new single for Murs' new album;  Love & Rockets v.1: The Transformation; which is also to be produced entirely by Ski Beatz who has never failed to come through on the boards. Murs recently cut his infamous dreadlocks to change his image and sound and said, "New label, new producer, and oh yeah new hairstyle thus the Transformation". This single is the kick off for Murs'  The Hip Hop & Love Tour for his newest album. Murs and tabi are both hot artists who haven't made a huge name for themselves...yet. This single is absolutely worth a listen and download.

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