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Azari & III - Manic

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Azari & III - a mix of races, fashion tastes, and sexual preferences. A clan of four linked out of the ashes of downtown Toronto's electro scene. An animal of it's own. Part scholar, part drag queen, part electronic yogi. Tracing the pages of pop history to revitalize the vibes that gave power to monuments like Studio 54 and the Paradise Garage.

What Chromeo did to the 80s, Azari & III are doing to the 90s, and there's no question when you hear their analog pads and arpeggiators go to work you are taking in a primed feeling stuck in it's own time. With an LP due tomorrow, the group has put out a music video for their third single Manic, an apocalyptic commentary on life, sex and everything. Enjoy the visuals of self destruction and dilemma while you sip on this bitter remix by The Finger Prince.

      05 Manic (The Finger Prince Static Situation Mix)
Download: Azari & III - Manic (The Finger Prince Static Situation Mix)

(TURBO108) Turbo Recordings - Azari & III Manic EP
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If this be your first exposure check out their other singles like 90s house hit Reckless With Your Love and soothing aphrodisiac Into the Night. If you think you've got their sound wrapped around your head don't be so ignorant, these boys switch it up on every track. Follow and boog.

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Dance · Electro · House


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