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Popcult - Popcult EP

Many years ago I fell in love with Coldplay, and I'm not ashamed to say it. Earlier this year I discovered Bell X1. Now I've been drawn into the small field of fans supporting the band Popcult -- and this is a group of fans I guarantee you will be growing heavily over the next few years. Like a fusion of Bell X1 and Coldplay, Popcult utilizes sweeping vocals and harmonious guitar, piano and synthesizers to create a soothing sound that rests in one's ears with a gentle ambivalence.

Their self titled EP is exceptional, and it hasn't gotten the recognition it deserves. Fun fact: Their EP is available through Noisetrade.com which means you can download it for free, and then "Tip" the artist anywhere from $1 to $100 after your download -- if you choose to be so kind. Just click HERE for the link to the download of the entire EP.

      01 Life In The Wind
Download: Popcult - Life In The Wind

      05 Things Worth Keeping
Download: Popcult - Things Worth Keeping

      04 Already Gone
Download: Popcult - Already Gone

Check out their blog, store and more on their website:

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9 years ago

ronnie always puts me onto the shit. thanks

9 years ago

I keep getting flashes of the lead singer of Coldplay.