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Aerea Negrot - Right Body, Wrong Time

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It takes a fair amount of patience and digging to find refreshing perspectives on music that aren't rehashing the same old ideas and influences.  Sometimes, when a person first comes across these revelatory ways of thinking, the music can be overlooked because the change is either disregarded as 'too radical,' or it gets lost amongst the plethora of new daily releases and ultimately becomes nothingness, never to possess adequate coverage. Aerea Negrot's sophomore release for German's BPitch Control (home to more well known acts Modeselektor, Apparat, and their conglomerate moniker Moderat), Right Body, Wrong Time, exhibits heavy techno and pop influences.  However, these influences are applied with such progressive experimentalism that Negrot doesn't come anywhere close to sounding like anyone but herself. 

Negrot's vocal work, juxtaposed to her own unique take on techno, creates a sort of experimental pop that leaves the listener craving a second listen to fully comprehend the absolute mind-fuck this material just thrust upon his or her ears.  The 31-year old lives and works in Berlin, but originally hails from Venezuela -- though the German city has undoubtedly shed some of its own electronic style on her music.  The outright neglect for musical rules reminds me of another South American producer, Matias Aguayo, but Negrot's sound is miles away from any sort of literal musical comparison to his material.  The title track on the release, "Right Body, Wrong Time," is the epicentre of her work here.  The haunting, tremolo-ed out vocal accents and subtle vocal pitch shifting create a mood that can't be described in words. While Right Body, Wrong Time might not be a first choice for a soothing or tonally pleasing release, the sheer experimentation and creativity that oozes through the barriers of our culturally limited mindsets cause anyone who gives it a serious listen to ask themselves, "What constitutes as 'good music'?" Included below are three of the four tracks found on the 12".

Stream: Aerea Negrot - Miss You

Stream: Aerea Negrot - Right Body Wrong Time

Stream: Aerea Negrot - Childhood


You can buy Right Body, Wrong Time at the following online retailers:

Dark Pop · Electronic · Experimental · Techno


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edward garcia
edward garcia
10 years ago

A great e.p. from Aerea Negrot. It truly is in a class of it's own. As is she. Right body, Wrong Time is just an awesome song, right on the border of techno and maybe progressive house I'd say. My Childhood has a very minimal feel to it but the vocals that accompany it are not what you would guess would accompany such a track. Far more developed than her All I Want To Do single, I'm totally looking forward to her forthcoming album.