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This may not be fresh from the udder but it's certainly not stale. Ninja Tune's Lorn released a new track on his Soundcloud, and it's pretty much awesome, which is what I'd expect from Lorn (who is one of my absolute favorite artists and puts on a great live show). Compared to the tracks from his 2010 Nothing Else LP, I'd describe this as a bit more minimal, focusing on bass without adding as many additional layers, but it's still got that creepy, urgent feel that I love. Something about Lorn manages to be light and heavy at the same time (there is definitely weight to this music but it's never overbearing). He has been tossed into a number of categories, sorted both with the glitch hop of Flying Lotus and Brainfeeder and with the dubstep of Mary Anne Hobbs (who he toured with this spring). How about we stop thinking about genre and description for a couple minutes and slurp up some tasty, dark beats instead?


Dubstep · Electronica · Hip-Hop


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