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Kixxie Siete - Enter the Swaggin' Series [Video]

First off, it's not OFWGKTA reincarnate. Hopefully that stops half of the ensuing comments.

Apparent skater, music, and streetwear fiend Kixxie Siete, Hawthorn CA native, is someone who drew my attention from the beginning. Yes, he raps over old beats but as he has cited in interviews, it isn't the beat he wants to make you vibe to, it's his lyrics and the videos he shoots. He definitely stays on point at all times with his word play and the videos are something different. It's a cool movement, I mean how many other rappers out there can you say draw you in by their "homemade" (yet incredibly professional) videos? Not a lot and when that's teamed up with his wordplay it turns into a fantastic song. His series, an homage to Kung-Fu, is titled "Enter the Swaggin'", a three-part series of which two videos have been released. Without further ado I present to you, "Enter the Swaggin'" Parts 1 and 2 entitled "Tiger Style" and "Snake Style."

Enter the Swaggin' Part 1 - Snake Style

Enter the Swaggin' Part 2 - Tiger Style

If you're digging the videos download the tracks and check out more of his material with his Yacht Club Kings clique at http://argonautix.com/tag/argonautic-entertainment

or on Twitter at @KixxieSiete and follow myself on twitter at @ThomasKWelker for more updates.

Enter the Swaggin' Part 1 - Snake Style

Enter the Swaggin' Part 2 - Tiger Style

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