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Straight From The Teet - Cities Aviv & Reid

There's no exact way of knowing how many songs are released in a day. Whether it be an eighteen second kazoo ditty on Soundcloud, or a Hypem track with 4 hearts, all music deserves a shot. Even on an independent blog like Earmilk, it's impossible to cover every band/song/remix worth listening too. That's why Straight From the Teet is back, and this time...IT'S DAILY! My name is Logan (aka Running) and I will be curating Earmilk's newest old feature, highlighting two up-and-coming artists from two different genres, so sit back and enjoy some good-old-fashioned, non-pasteurized, Earmilk. Drink it fast though, because I'll be coming back tomorrow with more...


If The Animals, Star Slinger, and Raekwon hopped in a blender together, you'd end up with a smoothie that tasted something like Cities Aviv. The young Memphis native made it (semi) big with his Modest Mouse sampling track "Float On" and is back again with the super fresh "Araw" collaboration with Royal 'T. This track is the perfect, laid-back summertime jam with just enough lyrical wit to keep you from going into a nostalgia induced coma. Check out Aviv's Bandcamp page for more releases.


      12 Float On
Download: Cities Aviv - Float On

Download: Cities Aviv x Royal'T - Araw

      A Beautiful Hell (ft. Fille Catatonique)
Download: Cities Aviv - A Beautiful Hell (ft. Fille Catatonique)


I think Animal Collective could stand to take some music lessons, and I already have the perfect instructor lined up for them: REID. In typical chillwave fashion, there's a circle of minimal information between this artists Bandcamp and Facebook. I go to the Ireland native's FB and it tells me to go Bandcamp. On his Bandcamp, there's a link to his useless Facebook. Anyways, check out his latest Genesis EP on Bandcamp. It's a collection of great chill-out, lay in bed all day, maybe take a shower, music. Enjoy.

(P.S. Check the non-sensical video for "Diptera". It features a man trying to eat soup with a perforated spoon.)

Enjoy: REID - Diptera

Enjoy: REID - Genesis

Enjoy: REID - Forrest

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