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Gui Boratto - The Drill

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Brazilian techno legend Gui Boratto has just released a new single from his upcoming third LP, simply titled III.  III is to be released September 12, 2011 via Kompakt.  "The Drill" consists of two tracks, showcasing a more aggressive side of Boratto while still retaining the melodic sensibility he has become so well known for.  His two preceding albums, "Chromophobia" and "Take My Breath Away," have become landmarks in the electronic and indie community that demonstrate the unique ability of Boratto to create techno with the melodic sensibilities of rock and indie music; something that is often lacking in the largely atonal German sound and other more industrial sounding techno genres.

As soon as "The Drill" begins, the vast size increase in Boratto's sound is evident; audible through the huge lead synthesizer and noisy snare drum.  "The Drill" brings the listener through a journey of aggressive textural exchanges while building the melodic theme into Boratto counterpoint.

The B-side, aptly titled "Stems from Hell", drones into some of Boratto's most mechanical sounds, sounding as though he has been influenced by the percussion of Peter Van Hoesen's industrial techno.  As mechanical as "Stems from Hell" gets, it is a perfect B-side to "The Drill," evoking similar styles assembled under different guidelines.  With these two tracks, it seems as though III will be Boratto's biggest sound to date.

Stream: Gui Boratto - The Drill

Stream: Gui Boratto - Stems From Hell

You can pick up "The Drill" at the following online retailers:

Juno Download

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