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Straight From The Teet - Young and Sick & Stumbleine

There's no exact way of knowing how many songs are released in a day. Whether it be an eighteen second kazoo ditty on Soundcloud, or a Hypem track with 4 hearts, all music deserves a shot. Even on an independent blog like Earmilk, it's impossible to cover every band/song/remix worth listening too. That's why Straight From the Teet is back, and this time...IT'S DAILY! My name is Logan (aka Running) and I will be curating Earmilk's newest old feature, highlighting two up-and-coming artists from two different genres, so sit back and enjoy some good-old-fashioned, non-pasteurized, Earmilk. Drink it fast though, because I'll be coming back tomorrow with more...


Young and Sick is an L.A. via London R&B project that sounds like the brainchild of a James Blake and The Weeknd collaboration. Their (debut?) track "Room 48" is hopefully the lead single off an upcoming release, but info regarding this up-and-coming act is hard to come by. What I do know is that Young and Sick are also involved in an ill custom jewelry business that you can check out here. It's a grab bag of information (I know), but what really matters is the smooth basslines, ghostly vocals, and soothing white noise that make "Room 48" a heart-stopper.

      Room 48
Download: Young & Sick - Room 48


The Bristolian act Stumbleine is tough to pigeonhole...but that isn't going to stop me from trying. Evoking everything that makes Star Slinger, Washed Out, and any other trendy "chill" band great, Stumbleine composed a masterpiece-the new Rose Tinted EP. What sets this release apart-in my opinion-is Stumbleine's eschewing of vocal-mixed tracks. He treats the "ambient" disembodied voices as just another texture in the production, which allows me to also focus on some of the more subtle aural tricks. Listen to this EP, and you'll start to feel that Washed Out sounds a little too...well...washed out.

(P.S. Each track on the EP comes with separate album artwork, so I've compiled them all below.)

Download: Stumbleine - Ember

Download: Stumbleine - Tremolo

Download: Stumbleine - Kaleidoscope

Download: Stumbleine - Daydreamer

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