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Dam-Funk - We Should Kill All Azzholez (Louder Mix)

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Stones Throw producer Dam-Funk never fails to disappoint, even when he's just putting our random daily tracks. So, it looks like he was in a pretty bad mood today when he released his latest track called "We Should Kill All Azzholez (Louder Mix)" because you definitely get a little sample of his darker side. This track was only meant to be up for the one day and is a limited release. Dam-Funk mentions he doesn't want to "let the darkside rule" but I think I'm feeling this more aggressive side of his music. It doesn't make me think about beating someone down but more like having a fake "Beat It" style knife fight where you get a little funky, dance a bit and no one dies of stab wounds. Enjoy.

I arose 2day & decided 2 stay in the 'Light'. I refuse 2 let the 'darkside' rule. This is why this latest creation: "Kill All Azzholez" aka K.A.A.  will get the 'delete button' treatment by sundown. *It will remain eternally a 'very rare 1' within a brutha's continuing musical evolution.

Download: Dam-Funk - We Should Kill All Azzholez (Louder Mix)

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