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Two - "Outer Body Audio Experience"

Hip-hop artist Two is a St. Petersburg, FL native who could probably beat Childish Gambino in a rap battle. "O.B.A.E's" eclectic, neo-classical-turned-spacey-rock, production is courtesy of There For Tomorrow's lead singer Maika Maile. It's the first track off Two's upcoming Rock x Soul LP, which is due out the 27th of this month. The rest can be covered by his highly entertaining Twitter account, which is quite the pick-me-up for an angsty teen like myself. Send Two some love, and download this track!

      O.B.A.E. (ft. Maika Maile)
Download: Two - O.B.A.E. (ft. Maika Maile)

Hip-Hop · Indie · Pop


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