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Kenton Dunson - Creative Destruction 2 [Exclusive Album Release]

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So, the time has come for us to unleash the exclusive album release from Kenton Dunson. The album is entitled Creative Destruction 2 and really goes on to showcase what Kenton is capable of. This Maryland native hasn't been in the music realm for a very long time but, in that time, he has quickly shown his versatility and his ability to create good music. We, at EARMILK, quickly took a liking to every release that Kenton has put out and took it upon ourselves to make sure he get as much exposure as possible. If you are completely new to Kenton then it wont take long to convince you of his talents after you give his music a fair listen. You'll hear a range of styles and genres with an overall theme of talent. Oh, and did I mention he also did the production on the album? Just like the production he did on the John Legend remix. This mixed with the the lyricism really shows how complete of an artist he truly is. Enjoy and see what Kenton said about this new project.

"Creative Destruction 2 is about more than Kenton Dunson. It's about life, ambition, heartbreak and most importantly, passion. When I came up with the Creative Destruction concept for the first album, I didn't think it would turn into a series. But as a developing artist in a saturated music environment, I know it's important to display what you have as soon as it's ready. This time around, the term Creative Destruction meant replacing my old creative approach as an artist to build more tangible songs that touched a wider base of listeners while remaining original. I believe I struck a solid balance with Creative Destruction 2. I kept the album short and relevant, there's no fluff on this project. It's all self-produced and I was able to include two great features to round out the album. This is my best work to date and the momentum is amazing."
- Kenton Dunson


Download: Kenton Dunson - Beautiful Fight

Download: Kenton Dunson - Face Off

Download: Kenton Dunson - Such is Life


      Kenton Dunson Remix
Download: John Legend - Rolling In The Deep Feat. Kenton Dunson (Kenton Dunson Remix)

Download: Kenton Dunson - Creative Destruction 2 [Album]

Download: Kenton Dunson - Beautiful Fight
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