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Priory - Lady of Late

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Just ran across this band a few moments ago thanks to a finely tuned email from theirs truly. Priory is they type of indie I strive to find, and I am so thankful that they dropped me their info. This indie-pop/electronic-folk quartet from Prtland, Oregon is a breath of fresh air in such a drunken and beat-happy musical society we live in. "It's finding that balance between the standard acoustic instruments and partnering them with huge electronic bass and keyboard licks," says the band's Kyle Dieker when asked to describe their sound. I'd describe it as Indie-Folk with meshed with a drum kit. Or Electronic-pop meshed with Indie-Folk. Or Indie-Rock meshed with Electro-Folk. Or one could just call them their own genre because they blend so many together in such a great way.

Their Self -Titled debut album dropped today and you should definitely check it out if you haven't. Check out the track "Lady of Late" to get a taste of the band's style, and watch out for them in the future.

      Lady of Late
Download: Priory - Lady of Late

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