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If your a fan of those tracks you can play when you drive down a highway on a hot summer day with your friends headed to the beach then search no more. Coupons is your artist, his relaxing synths and melodic beats remind me of something you could see Toro Y Moi making. An excellent choice for any summer day. He recently released a remix of Lazydisco's "More Tigers" and i've been playing it on repeat ever since. I'm completely serious here, it has over 100 plays on my itunes. Check it out below, sit back and enjoy as his tunes wash over you.

      More Tigers (Coupons Remix)
Download: Lazydisco - More Tigers (Coupons Remix)

Enjoy these other tracks by Coupons

      Crazy Eyes(Coupons Remix)
Download: Anoraak - Crazy Eyes(Coupons Remix)

      One (Coupons Remix)
Download: Yeasayer - One (Coupons Remix)

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10 years ago

Coupons is two Sydney dudes called Stu and Brent...