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Pogo - Mellow Brick Road (Competition!)

Pogo as many of you know, takes old disney movies (and some other films and shows) retracting sounds and vocals from the films and turns them into beautiful masterpieces out of the chopped and edited sounds. It's really wonderful what he does and it really is creating a whole new way to look at movies in a way. One of the other ways that make Pogo stick out so much is the videos that go with the music. From the films he's taken sounds out of and chopped and screwed and manipulated comes out a beautiful video that matches the scenes form the film very orientated to the sounds. With Pogo's latest song though he's giving the viewers (you!) the opportunity to make a video of "The Wizard of Oz' to go on his youtube page. You submit the video by simply posting it as a video response. You can listen to the new song entitled "Mellow Brick Road" here:


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      Murmurs Of Middle-Earth
Download: Pogo - Murmurs Of Middle-Earth

Download: Pogo - Mending

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10 years ago

these are genious. nuff said.