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Dr. Ozi

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Sorry for the hold off, finally here. The dubstep duo from Toronto is shredding and shaking any speaker that dares to play their wobbly baselines making listeners ear's bleed yet cry for more. Their absolutely terrific sounds mixed with some vocals are what any dubstep listener needs in their day.  Enjoy listeners, enjoy. So without further ado.. I BE LIKE MY HEUR BECAUSE!

      Into The Machine
Download: Dr. Ozi - Into The Machine

(you'll get that last reference after listening to this song)

      Rill Rill (Sleigh Bells)
Download: Dr. Ozi - Rill Rill (Sleigh Bells)

      Kill All The Hpsters
Download: Dr. Ozi - Kill All The H!psters

Dubstep · Electronic


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