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Busta Rhymes - Killin' 'Em (Feat. LL Cool J)

You don't really get more classic than this. Busta Rhymes is gearing up to release his newest album, later this year, and has teamed up with none other than LL Cool J for this track called "Killin' 'Em". So, with two legends coming together like this; you have to at least give the track a chance and the good news  its good. It looks like acting on NCIS: LA hasn't stopped LL from keeping his skills intact and both artists bring it on this new track.  But LL has been in the music business for so long and still been able to remain relevant which is amazing in itself considering how fast trends and hype die nowadays. Enjoy.

Download: Busta Rhymes - Killin' 'Em (Feat. LL Cool J)

Hip-Hop · Rap


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dubey snacks
10 years ago

this beat is so bad. what a disappointment.

The Cat
The Cat
10 years ago

Fuck this garbage beat