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Double Dip - 33 - Bahwee

Hi Milk Duds, if you've been following along you'd know that we love Bahwee, Bahwee is an LA local SNES beat crafter apart of the all-star roaster at Huh What & Where and I've just stumbled upon his record Headnodders II and it is off the chain.

Here are some snippets from the album including his song "Virginia" a rework of a Clipse classic. Enjoy:

      17 Warble
Download: BAHWEE - Warble

      20 Virginia
Download: BAHWEE - Virginia

You guys digg it? than grab the whole god damn thing free here and c'man don't you love the internet? Swag

Feature · Hip-Hop · Instrumental · Jazz Hop


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10 years ago

That Virginia joint is serious!