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Autoerotique - Freak (Sound of Stereo Remix)

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It's Friday night, the midnight dust is slowly creeping it's way into your skin. You're 1 pill and 7 shots in, fuck the poser standing in front of the DJ I need a freak. And this Sound of Stereo remix of Autoerotique is something for you to fiend to.

Such a simple sound and yet it makes you stomp harder than the ritalin "electrocore" that's flooding the Beatport charts. But what's going to make you go even more nuts? The bursts of 909 claps that date back to the days of 303 acid lines. This track will squeeze every last bit out of you until you realize you've been up all morning.

      Freak (Sound Of Stereo Remix)
Download: Autoerotique - Freak (Sound Of Stereo Remix)

Dim Mak - Autoerotique Freak Remix EP

01. Autoerotique - Turn Up the Volume (Joachim Garraud Remix)
02. Autoerotique - Freak  (Sound of Stereo Remix)
03. Autoerotique - Freak (TAI Remix)
04. Autoerotique - Freak (Esteban's Needy Mix)
05. Autoerotique - Freak (Them Jeans Remix)

An awesome remix EP to check out with a good variety of the young and the not-so young. Them Jeans remix is definitely one to keep, and also have a listen to the TAI remix  and Joachim Garraud's remix of Turn Up the Volume.

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