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The Club (House Music) - Week 03

Today marks the return of one of my favourite features, THE CLUB (house music). A weekly dose of your favourite progressive house, deep house, tech house, minimal.. I've been lucky enough to have this feature handed to me as the first two weeks (8 months ago), were just awesome. Check them out and see for yourself how far the scene has come in just under a year. Each week I'll bring you a selection of anything from heavy bangers that make the dance floor jump, to those chilled out deep vibes that just make you move. I'll usually feature an emerging artist or two that catches my eye more than most, so keep your eye out for weekly installments of the biggest and best names in house music worldwide.

While reading why don't you listen to a Midknight mix we created of the feature you can take a look at the track listing on soundcloud and be sure to "Like" our facebook page here.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/15121598" params="show_comments=false&auto_play=false&color=000000" width="100%"]

We'll start basic and try to work our way deeper into different genres of house week to week. For now, let's start with deep house and progressive house. I'll feature one artist to take special notice of for each, as well as a collection from the week that was. Mixed in with each section on THE CLUB are various sub genres, but to be honest, its not about the genre at all. At the end of the day, people enjoy good music, and I'll try my best to bring you just that. Enjoy.



The deep house sound has come a long way since the 80's and 90's, but it still maintains that classic disco funk. Loads of producers these days sample vocals from early jazz recordings, and it doesn't seem like its ever going to stop (nor should it). The groovy bass and subtle drops creep up out of nowhere and you suddenly find yourself moving. The way that vibe makes you sway keeps you coming back for more.

Featured Artist:

The first featured artist on this week's version of THE CLUB has been a personal favourite for over a year now, and I'm extremely excited to spread this guy's stuff. Trevor and Ever has managed to keep a low-profile up to this point, but his work ethic and dedication to his sound has made him a mainstay on any deep set for me, and I know we'll be seeing more of him in the near future. The first track here is called "Good Love" off  his album Backyard Funk, and its got some seriously beautiful vocal cuts and that classic percussion that gets your head bouncing is so perfectly set to some great piano melodies and a sweet crackle that just makes it feel like its the first and only deep house track you've ever heard and ever need to hear. Be sure to visit his bandcamp and download more of these gems for FREE or buy the thing, it's only $2.

      01 Good Love (May Mix)
Download: trevor and ever - Good Love (May Mix)

Today I've also got some tracks from producers such as Joris Voorn, Shazam, Sander Kleinenberg, Afrilounge, Jaytech, T-Pe3, Solarity, Eelke Kleijn, Mark Knight, and an amazing use of a Bran van 3000 sample that brings back some childhood memories.

      02 Love Recycled 2
Download: Solomun - Love Recycled 2

      04 Human Factor (Afrilounge Remix)
Download: Spirit Catcher - Human Factor (Afrilounge Remix)

      Incident (Miyagi) (Original Mix)
Download: Joris Voorn - Incident (Miyagi) (Original Mix)

      02 The Healer (Shazam Remix)
Download: Sander Kleinenberg - The Healer (Shazam Remix)

      Yalta Groove (Original Club Mix)
Download: Mark Knight - Yalta Groove (Original Club Mix)

      01 Paradox
Download: Jaytech - Paradox

      Dub Tales (Original Mix)
Download: T-Pe3 - Dub Tales (Original Mix)

      Marsh (Original Mix)
Download: Solarity - Marsh (Original Mix)

Download: Eelke Kleijn - Destroyer



It's hard to say progressive house and hope to really capture all that the genre encompasses. So many elements from other genres are taken and reworked, the key to all progressive house (at least in my mind), is that this sht makes you want to dance your brains out. Its that simple. Enter, THE CLUB.

Featured Artist:

The second featured artist of the day is a serious heavyweight when it comes to progressive house. Marco V, out of the Netherlands, takes Dutch house and blows it up. His piercing stabs and awesome keys make it an instant killer on the dance floor. When the synths kick in and the track really drops, his deep percussion and horns smooth things out in a huge way. Look out for more from the man who's been ranked inside the DJ Magazine's Top 50 for 7 years running. He shows no sign of slowing down, and we can look forward to hearing more from one of the most inventive and innovative producers/DJs in the world. Head to his soundcloud for his latest.

      01 Sticker (Original Mix)
Download: Marco V - Sticker (Original Mix)

Going with the above as our guideline for today's dose of progressive house, you can expect more of those epic builds and explosive drops. Featured today is a brand new track from Avicii that he has been using in his live sets, a song that seems destined for summer glory. Also included in this set is some brand new heat from Dezza, Mark Simmons, Milan & Phoenix, Nick Fisher, Timmy Vs Tommy, David Tort, Macnit, Michael De Kooker, Tom Fall, Andy Moor, Fedde Le Grand, Hardwell, Dada Life, Ferry Corsten, and Axwell.

      01 My Little Music Box
Download: Michael De Kooker - My Little Music Box

      03 Circus (Original Mix)
Download: Milan & Phoenix - Circus (Original Mix)

      01 Ascension (Original Mix)
Download: Nick Fisher - Ascension (Original Mix)

      01 Good (Original Mix)
Download: Mark Simmons - Good (Original Mix)

      01 Unit 29 (Original Mix)
Download: Timmy Vs Tommy - Unit 29. Original Mix

      02 Voices (Dezza Remix)
Download: Tom Fall - Voices (Dezza Remix)

      01 Voices (Original Mix)
Download: Tom Fall - Voices (Original Mix)

      04 Always (Andy Moor Remix)
Download: BT Feat Rob Dickinson - Always (Andy Moor Remix)

      01 Jack It Up (Original Mix)
Download: David Tort - Jack It Up (Original Mix)

      01 Gaia (Original Mix)
Download: Frankox & Giancarlo Grattarola - Gaia (Original Mix)

      Control Room (Original Club Mix)
Download: Fedde Le Grand - Control Room (Original Club Mix)

      02 Ibiza Whistle (Original Mix)
Download: Macnit - Ibiza Whistle__Original Mix

      02 Encoded (Dada Life Remix)
Download: Hardwell - Encoded (Dada Life Remix)

      Feel It (Original Extended Mix)
Download: Ferry Corsten - Feel It (Original Extended Mix)

      Interpersonal Relationship (Original Mix)
Download: Jesper Dahlback - Interpersonal Relationship (Original Mix)

      Heart Is King (Original Mix)
Download: Axwell - Heart Is King (Original Mix)

      Bum Bom (Original Mix)
Download: Adam K., Mateo Dimarr - Bum Bom (Original Mix)

      Levels (ID) (Original Mix)
Download: Avicii - Levels (ID) (Original Mix)

if you love the music like I do, make sure you support the artists and purchase the music at a music outlet such as Beatport or similar!

follow me @midknightkg & soundcloud & send me your tracks kg@earmilk.com



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10 years ago

Links dont link

Mike Kniazeff
10 years ago
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Which ones? try clearing your cache, I'm grooving hard

10 years ago

only 3 links work.

10 years ago

true, great songs but no links!

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works now

10 years ago

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss!! I'd been totally hanging out for the next installment of The Club. Heaps awesome :D

10 years ago

lovi lovi lovi <3 <3 <3

10 years ago

:D lovin!

9 years ago

featured artist is groovy as tits ;)

9 years ago

which tune samples bran van 3000?

9 years ago

LEVELS - AVICII OMG <3 fuuuuuuuuuu

9 years ago

Good music!
That bouncin' track from Joris Voorn just about blows most tracks out of the water!

9 years ago

What's the first track on the 88 min mix?