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Wobble Wednesday

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It's Wednesday again, time for that weekly wobble. Today I have a preview of Feed Me's new EP which is sure to not disappoint. I'm absolutely in love with the sound of a plane or something flying by in the last part of this track, you'll know what I mean. Possibly the most viral dubstep track of all time Mt Eden's Sierre Leone gets remixed by Getter and this makes this track unbelievable, melodies, wobbles and all. Must download for sure. The very popular Fleet Foxes Mykonos (Barbaric Merits Foxtronic) remix is awesome, glad to see a remix as high quality as this. A lot of people will try to remix Sunshine and it becomes a dark tune, but Robot Pirate Monkey's remix is so happy and so like Robot Pirate Monkey. The Foreign Beggers-Still Getting Featuring Skrillex is just to filthy to wait till Friday. It will only get filthy from here.

      Pink Lady
Download: Feed Me - Pink Lady

      Hooky - R Kd
Download: Hooky - R'kd

      Mt Eden - Sierre Leone (Getter Remix)
Download: Getter -Mt. Eden Serra Leone

      Still Getting It Ft. Skrillex
Download: Foreign Beggars - Still Getting It Ft. Skrillex

      01 Crippled Camel
Download: Downlink - Crippled Camel

      Big Boss Is Coming Home (Oh Snap Bootleg)
Download: Doctor P, Diddy, Skylar Grey - Big Boss Is Coming Home (Oh Snap!! Bootleg)

      08 Robot Rox
Download: Liquid Stranger - Robot Rox

Download: Quartus Saul - Mistrust

      03 Sunshine
Download: Robotic Pirate Monkey - Sunshine

      Disapoint you (High Rankin Remix)
Download: Jargon - Disapoint you (High Rankin Remix)

      Mykonos (Barbaric Merits Foxtronic Dubstep Remix)
Download: Fleet Foxes - Mykonos (Barbaric Merits Foxtronic Dubstep Remix)

      08 Metropolis
Download: Emalkay - Metropolis

      Silent Excuses
Download: Alphabet Pony - Silent Excuses

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