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Vice Magazine Photoshoot With Odd Future

Have some behind the scenes footage of Odd Future during their photo shoot at Vice Magazine being directed by Terry Richardson. Video is just showing the group at there purist which is pretty entertaining. Check It Out And Enjoy. Follow me @Ebonicss Video Tracks:

      09 Stripclub

Download: MellowHype - Stripclub

      02 Gun Sounds

Download: MellowHype - Gun Sounds

      Commercial Feat. Casey Veggies

Download: Ace Creator - Commercial Feat. Casey Veggies


Download: I Smell Panties - Lisa

      03 Turnt Down By Hodgy Beats

Download: OFWGKTA - Turnt Down By Hodgy Beats

      10 Drunk Featuring Mike G

Download: Domo Genesis - Drunk Featuring Mike G

      02 Buzzin

Download: Domo Genesis - Buzzin



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