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Childish Gambino – The Longest Text Message

Looks like we got a hold of a unreleased track from Childish Gambino's recent EP release. The track is called "The Longest Text Message" and of course features Glover's witty lyricism and it's actually probably one of my favorite releases of his thus far. And, it's fitting we just posted that "What U Want" track recently because this track's chorus has a Kenna vibe which shows off Gambino's singing ability. Check it out below.

I forgot about this.  Me and Ludwig made this during Thanksgiving.  We spent a week in Brooklyn makin shit.  It's not mixed or mastered and I wrote/recorded this drunk, but yeah
-Donald Glover

      The Longest Text Message
Download: Childish Gambino – The Longest Text Message



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  • Childish Gambino is really underated. Always cracking jokes.

    His second verse talking about the girl was the best:
    “I think we both know that I worked that ass
    I hope that you keep it stretched.. yoga class”


    Avatar Deranged Diaries March 27, 2011 7:56 PM Reply

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