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M.A.Z.7 - Prelude Album

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This next producer out of Russia released an album entitled "Prelude Album" a few weeks back, and I can't get enough of it. Every track has enough variety that it keeps you wanting more but maintains a cohesive feel in terms of an entire album. M.A.Z.7 has exploded onto my radar with this amazing release, and I'm sure you'll agree. The whole album is available on Beatport.

      01 Prelude (Original Mix)
Download: M.A.Z.7 - Prelude (Original Mix)

      05 Escape (Original Mix)
Download: M.A.Z.7 - Escape (Original Mix)

      07 Balance (Original Mix)
Download: M.A.Z.7 - Balance (Original Mix)

      10 Morning Walk (Original Mix)
Download:M.A.Z.7 - Morning Walk (Original Mix)




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