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The MILK TUBE - Suicide Sundaes w/ DJ Amperror (electblake) LIVE NOW!

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BOOMBLAT! With Earmilk 2.0 right around the corner we decided we'd start dropping some new features/segments that will be unearthed with the release of 2.0, slowly but surely. Every week or every other week (still undecided), we'll be giving our readers a chance to be featured on what we call DUN DUN DUN.. "THE MILK TUBE." WTF is this tube of milk you ask? Well as I mentioned it's a chance for our readers and aspiring DJ's to perform live on our ustream channel. We have such a massive EARMILK family.. so why not spread the love and give you guys a chance to broadcast yourselves to the community and put your name out there. So, for now, we will want everyone to participate and to give feedback on what can be improved or what you'd like to see in this feature.But, let's go ahead and get this party started with t..THE MILK TUBE.

This week's featured DJ is DJ Amperror (electblake from Suicide Sundaes) who has blessed your Sunday's for the last 2 years. Check out the live performance below.

Refresh at 10:45 EST. Or visit: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/milk-tube

Want to be considered for the next Milk Tube??

  • Drop us a line at hello [at] earmilk.com
  • Include any related urls like soundcloud, myspace, facebook et al.
  • Be sure to send us tracks at soundcloud.com/earmilk and we'll (as always) give them a listen!

Live Guest: DJ Amperror

Suicide Sundaes Week 62 by Amperror



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